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  • Jonathan Goldman American Creator

    There’s even some scientific evidence from places such as the Global Consciousness Project, that our intentionalized sounds can interface and effect the energy area of the Noosphere—the consciousness of our planet. It’s my understanding that by way of utilizing intentionalized sound in this method, we can literally shift and lift the consciousness of all dwelling […]

  • The 2016 Whitetail Rut Might Be

    He is the creator of no much less than eight books, all on deer. Estimated deer densities in the Post Oak Savannah ecoregion range from 32 to 89 deer per 1,000 acres. Areas along the Interstate 10 corridor from San Antonio to Houston have inhabitants estimates of 89 deer per 1,000 acres. Deer densities progressively […]

  • Technology Is Altering How We Reside, But It Needs To Vary How We Work The Model New New Economy

    The transition is expected to be completed worldwide by mid to late 2010s. A digital television service was proposed in 1986 by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication in Japan, where there have been plans to develop an “Integrated Network System” service. However, it was not attainable to practically implement […]